FGR: The greenest club in the world.

Nestled in the small English town of Nailsworth, just south of Stroud and southeast of Minchinhampton. You know the place. It is home to the Forest Green Rovers, a football club who just recently won promotion into the third tier of English football, EFL League One. Starting at the beginning; Forest Green began ball kicking operations in 1889 in England of all places. Skipping some 100 years or so we land in the current era of Forest Green football.

The Dale Vince Era

In 2010 the club was in a state of financial difficulty. The owner and founder of Ecotricity Dale Vince (yeah the guy from the subtitle! is that a subtitle? whatever doesn't matter) would take control of the team, and begin the transitions that made this club what it is today. Such as changing their colors from black and white to green and black. Which would produce some of the best looking kits in football.

By 2015 the club had gone completely vegan (the first and only vegan football team). From the concessions to the meals served to players at training, all plant based. The natural grass lawn, tended to by solar powered robots, e-vehicle charging stations. Just some of the other greenery you can find at the New Lawn stadium. Relatively recently plans for the new Eco-Park were approved to be built. Which includes the worlds only wood built 5,000 seated stadium, industrial and office space for companies in the eco-friendly business, and multiple training pitches.

In 2017 FGR made the jump to League-two, the highest position the club has ever reached. The club had been dabbling around the top half of league-two for a few years and finally got over the hump landing in first place. Only time will tell if FGR can keep up in League-One. I would love to see this green club make its way to the top flight; premiere league. Imagine Eco-park with that premiere league money; hookers and black-jack a plenty, amen.


 FGR's official website  | @fgrfc_official

All photos and information was sourced from the FGR website, and my personal knowledge of the team. Up the vegan Rovers 💚🖤💚🖤

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