Glen Helen Nature Preserve | Yellow Springs, Ohio

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There really is no better time to hike in Ohio than the winter. The array of colors; grey, brown, light grey. It's a constant reminder that we Ohioans are equally better and worse than everyone else. That precious sweet middle ground.
Yellow Springs, Ohio. Nestled between the rural countryside cascading with rolling hills, and Dayton; the birthplace of Martin Sheen (for real, google it). This little town has crammed so much personality into the size equivalent to the Mall of America (probably). The local bookstore that houses a cat that wants nothing more than to receive pets from strangers or the tiny coffee shop that'll make you say "hey, this is a coffee shop". It really is a slice of left leaning heaven.
A normal travel blog would point out great places to eat, the history of the town and a third thing to round out a real tight "rule of three". The goal of 'Scouting Party' is to show some great shots that get you slicker than a slip n slide that leave you wanting to explore the spot for yourself. 
Also not here to push the Settlement84 products or any products for that matter, cause corporate sponsorship is hollow and trashy. I do want to give a special thanks to DASANI water. Just the coolest sip of water that doesn't take like there is a penny in it. MMMM MMMM DASANI WATER!! GET YOUR THIRST ON!

All in all the Glen Helen Nature Preserve delivers a nice hike any time of year at a mild difficulty. The loop trail should take you about 45 minutes and offer up plenty of elevation changes to trick you into thinking you are working harder than you are.


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