Heavens Devils Podcast x settlement84

A Forest Green Rovers podcast by two Americans who don't know what they're talking about. Chatting with players, coaches and Dale Vince himself! You can find them on Spotify, Apple and anywhere you find podcasts.
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Like Nathan & Shyam, we here at settlement84 (again, are not an army of squirrels that pretend to be people running an apparel company) are huge supporters of FGR. If you are unaware on who the Forest Green Rovers are you can check out our blog post on the team and their amazing work towards becoming the first and only carbon neutral/vegan football club in the world, FGR: Greenest club in the world. Settlement84 is also proud to be the exclusive merch provider for the podcast! Profits from the merch will be donated to The Life You Can Save. You can find all that merch right.........here